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Adventure: 13
Comedy: 4
Crime: 4
Documentary: 6
Drama: 5
Fantasy: 4
Horror: 5
Musical: 2
Romance: 11
Staff: 2
Students: 50
Male: 25
Female: 26
Non-binary: 1

Total: 52

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Welcome to A Beautiful Lie! We're a real-life roleplay set in the fictional city of Atlantis Beach, Florida. This coastal town is home to Tremblay University, but more importantly, the reality tv show filmed on the college's campus: Life's a Beach!

Please register your out-of-character account first, and then all staff and student accounts can be made after - be sure to use proper caps (ex: Gordon Ramsay)! Feel free to approach the staff (Rockett or Whitney) with any questions, and we hope you enjoy your stay here!

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Unfortunately due to a lack of participation in episodes, no one willing to join staff, and the dwindling playerbase, ABL is shutting down. Existing members may still log in.

So long and thanks for all the fish.
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